Shifting gears….

I love the seasons, not sure I could live anywhere that there wasn’t a Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter.

I love how the temperatures change (I prefer the warmer over the colder though), I love how the scenery changes- from cold and snowy to hot and dry and everything in-between. I also love how the activities change with each season. Whether its the different holidays or the events we enjoy as a family.

We’ve come out of a busy time of holidays from Thanksgiving to New Years. And just finished off a very fun, but busy basketball season with our older two boys. With the start of the warmer weather will bring a little soccer season for our oldest daughter, and BABIES!!!! Hopefully lots of healthy babies! No, not human (although I secretly miss having wee little people around here), but the animal kind.

We raise our own chickens for meat and eggs. And of course each year we usually raise a few chicks and ducklings to continue supplying us with a good amount of eggs. My favorite though are the kids- the four legged kind. We are within a week of our first doe delivering! Super excited for kidding season to start.

Grass cutting, gardening, weeding, soccer, hiking, camping, milking, tending to all the new animal life we’ll have here. Looks like another very busy season, but all too soon it will come to an end and we’ll be staring down the line at the start of yet another new (maybe slower) season.

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