We are a small homestead located in Alburtis, PA. As a family of 7 we have found a passion for self sufficiency and homesteading. Although we are far from being completely self sufficient we are always looking for the next avenue in helping us disconnect from the modern day craziness.

We moved to our property in 2013 and started small with just a few chickens. We raise ISA Browns and Black stars both are great egg producers. We quickly added a round of Cornish Cross chickens on a yearly basis as a meat source. Shortly after that came our ducks and goats. We have dabbled in Ancona, Magpie and Khaki Campbell ducks- all have beautifully calm temperaments and are also reasonable layers. Our Nigerian dwarf goat herd is small, however we look to expand as we get more involved in linear appraisals and milk testing. We have found Nigerians to be calm, fun to work with, extremely easy to manage, and a great source of milk. Nigerian dwarf milk is much higher in butter fat content which makes it a much more palatable goat milk.

With our breeding’s we strive for dam raised kids which are socialized and handled daily. We are moving to further improve our herd in both the avenue of breed standard as well as milk production. Due to recent events the ADGA needed to cancel this years linear appraisals however we look forward to being on the list for 2021. Please let us know if you have any questions or are interested in any upcoming kids.

Feel free to contact us anytime: 484-695-0220 ~ handsinfarm@gmail.com~ or completing the attached contact form.