Not my first choice…

We are closing in on a second full month of homeschooling.

Not virtual school, not hybrid school, not cyber school. Full on, traditional, pick your own curriculum homeschool. Homeschooling was not my first choice!

Although I’m sure if you ask any parent or guardian these days they’ve made a lot of choices that “weren’t their first choice”. We’re all in the same boat as far as that is concerned.

I started stressing about our kids and school long before it became evident that they would not be returning to school under “normal circumstances”. We researched curriculum, researched the laws, reached out to friends with homeschool experience, prayed, and then stressed some more.

We ultimately decided to withdraw all the kids from our district and embrace the homeschool adventure.

Its taken an enormous amount of sacrifice and creativity, but we are managing. Ask me how I like it….well, depends on the day. I’d have to say some days are wonderful and I can’t imagine EVER sending them back to public school. Some days are…. ehhhhh. And then there are the days that I call my husband at work crying asking “why on earth didn’t we just send them all to school”?

Everyday though I’m thankful for the opportunity. The ability to work part time and a husband who has been willing to take this on with me and share the duties of teaching. This wasn’t my first choice but with a lot of prayer, some chocolate, and maybe a wee bit of wine this too shall come to pass. May the Lord shower ALL of us with grace and patience. May he bless us with more and more days of excitement and wonder and less days of tears. May we even come to find that “not our first choice” turns out to be “not a bad choice”.

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