Just my 2 cents

Its like beating a dead horse…

But since most have shared their thoughts, I figured I’d quickly share mine

My 2 cents are likely the unpopular ones, but here ya go….

What in the world was that?!?!?! The Superbowl half time show!!! Need I say more. Lets get a few things straight…. I could care less if your black, white, tan, red, purple or whatever color. I could care less if you came from Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Germany, France, China or Mars. I could care less if your 23, 43, 50 or 100 years old. I could even care less if your a part of this #metoo movement, power to the women… whatever movement floats your boat these days. I could care less.

Also don’t misunderstand, Shakira and JLo are beautiful women and talented singers and there is nothing wrong with recognizing them for those things. But what in tar-nation was with the stripper routine. All of my kiddos, even down to the youngest recognized the inappropriateness of it all. I for one have no desire for my daughters to grow up thinking they have to dance 1/2 nude in front of millions to be declared successful or to prove a point. And I certainly don’t want for my sons to grow up thinking of women as mere sexual objects around for entertainment.

We could argue the point every which way, but let me just ask this… would you rather have your sons view women as equals, partners, teammates in life? Or sexual objects? To me watching a gorgeous women slide up and down a pole is more degrading then empowering.

And your daughter… would you rather have her use her brain. Certainly allow her to recognize her beauty. But use her brain, her God given talents to make a mark in this world? Or feel that her only way to make a statement is to get 1/2 naked and dance?

Personally I look up to the mom who serves her family with a smile on her face (most days…haha), or the women who worked hard and received her masters degree, or maybe the women who managed to start her own business. I guess success is defined differently for everyone, but good grief can we really be surprised that the world is “going to hell in a hand-basket” when demonstrations like this years Halftime show are being more and more the norm?????

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