No longer a choice of circumstance

This time last year we had decided to dive into traditionally homeschooling all our kids. I’ve said it several times, I was not a fan of the idea at all! My husband and I didn’t agree with several return policies of our local district and therefore felt that completely withdrawing our kids from the district was what was necessary. In a way I felt forced into that decision and was far from excited about it.

This year I find myself in a very different position. Still a little anxious, but overall excited. We will be officially kicking off our second year of homeschooling this week. And this time I’m not feeling forced. I’m sure we will be overwhelmed at times. There will be good days, bad days and in-between days. But I find myself more thankful and blessed that I have this opportunity to school my kids. I’m very appreciative that I not only have a supportive husband, but one that shares the teaching with me.

As a family we have witnessed so many more benefits since starting on this journey. And we have been surrounded by a wonderfully supportive homeschool community. This year our decision to homeschool isn’t forced by circumstance, but simply chosen.

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