Homemade Butter…

Its funny the whirlwind of thoughts that started at the sight of a wooden sign that read “Homemade Butter for Sale”. I read it while I was literally racing from place to place…. trying to accomplish a good portion of my “to do” list with the younger two before the absolute circus of the after school rush started.

I stopped at the Mennonite house with the sign and for a minute I stood in the hallway waiting for her to retrieve the butter. My senses were overwhelmed. The house was so warm, so inviting. The ladies inside were kind and welcoming and the smell….. it smelled like I’m sure heaven might. The sweetness of the pies they were baking was without a doubt better then any Yankee candle could ever smell.

After leaving I spent the rest of my day annoyed. Annoyed that my craziness would only continue, while they seemed so relaxed at peace. Just enjoying the simple things…. like making butter. Of course everyone has their chaos. Their own definition of craziness. But really what would it hurt to just slow down? What would we miss?

We as people have spent decades making things “easier”, more efficient, more instantaneous, more progressive……… better. Or so we think. And now we can pat ourselves on the back. Congrats to us, we have meat pumped with antibiotics, grains full of GMOs, beauty products packed full of ingredients that can barely be pronounced and our families are struggling- deficient in so many areas.

And here the spinning hamster wheel continues. Not only does our racing from place to place continue, but there are kid activities, after school activities, appointments, work schedules, meetings, homework and the list goes on and on. And I find myself trying to backtrack. Trying not to be so progressive….. more simple-“healthier”. Lets make our own soap so we can do away with some of those crazy chemicals. Lets raise our own chickens for meat- no antibiotics here! Lets get even more chickens and ducks for eggs. Lets do more baking and cooking from scratch and lets research grains that are GMO free. Lets get goats for milking so we can enjoy the benefits of raw milk. All the while lets remember to nurture the relationships of those closest to my heart; my Lord, my husband, and my children.

Not sure a conclusion can be found. We set out to make things easier, but in reality things are unraveling right before our eyes. We can try to undo, go back, re-find simple, but I’m afraid that in doing that we only perpetuate more crazy. So I’d encourage you, I’d challenge you to find somewhere in life to at least cut back. Find some aspect to simplify. Take some time and make yourself some homemade butter. : )

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