Fun Fact for the day….

Did you know that the average egg bought from the store can be as old as 45 days?? Yuck!

We have about 65-70 Black sex links and ISA brown chickens here, which allows us a sure fire supply of farm fresh eggs. We also supply a local deli with eggs as well as family and friends. Once you cross over to farm fresh eggs you’ll never go back.


We both grew up “in the country”- he in the woods, and I on a small hobby farm. We did a small stint “in town” when we were first married. But after a few years of feeling crowded and almost suffocated with the town living we managed to find our own piece of “country”- Now with almost 12 years of marriage, and 5 kids we’ve embarked on our own adventures….. we hope you’ll find this blog entertaining, insightful and perhaps even informative!